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A daycare centre as the name directly implies is a day rehabilitation facility for persons with mental illness. Due to chronic nature of mental illness; socialization, work and work habits are severely impaired. As a result, the affected person requires a resocialisation process, where his life skills need to be re-instilled. At a daycare centre, the mentally ill individual is motivated and encouraged to develop these lost skills, so as to become a functional member of society. The focus of a daycare centre is therapy, which is oriented towards ensuring opportunities for socialization, productivity and a dignified quality of life - aspects of life which a mentally ill person loses out on because of the illness. Main objective of a daycare centre is to ensure that a person recovering from mental illness does not have a relapse, because usually a person recovering from mental illness, due to lack of occupational activities, sits idle at home thereby increasing the chances of a relapse.

Through such a structured programme, the daycare centre tries to address the following aspects of a person recovering from mental illness:


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