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Sadbhavana Divas

On the occasion Late Rajeev Gandhi birthday Sabhavana divas was organized by the NSSUnit, VaikuntaBaliga Law College udupi on 24th August 2017. Dr. P.V. Bhandary Psychiatrist, Director, Dr. A.V.Baliga Memorial Hospital, addressed the students aboutill effectsof alcohol and drugs. Principal Mr. Prakash Kaniveand the staff were present on the occasion.

World Mental Health Day 2017

Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital in association with Udupi District Police, District Hospital Udupi organized world Mental Health day on 10th October 2017 at SP Office Udupi. The objective is to raise awareness about mental health and providing support for better mental wellbeing. "Mental health in the workplace" was the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. A large proportion of time is spent at work during adult life. Work is good for mental health but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems. Experiences at workplace are important factors contributing to overall wellbeing of an individual. Workplace initiatives to promote mental health and to support employees who have mental disorders are not only beneficial to employees but also give gains in their productivity at work. With the theme of the Mental Health in work place awareness program was conducted for the Official at Police Department of Udupi District. The topics covered are -

  • Substance Abuse and its Ill effects by Dr. P. V. Bhandary, Director and Psychiatrist, Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital.
  • Mental Health Act by Dr. Vasudev S. Psychiatrist District Hospital Udupi
  • Myths and misconceptions of Mental illness by Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Administrative Officer.
  • Major Mental Illness by Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, Psychologist.
  • Minor Mental Illness by Mr. JeevanLewis, Senior Counselor.

Additional S.P of Udupi District Mr. Kumar chandra inaugurated the programme. Dr. P. V. Bhandary Medical Director, Dr. A. V. Baliga hospital, Dr. VasudevDistict psychiatrist were present during the occasion.

World Suicide Prevention Day - 2017
Take a Minute, Change a Life

World Suicide Prevention Day observed every year on 10th September is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).The aim of this day is to create awareness among people about the fact that suicide can be prevented. 'Take a Minute, Change a Life' is the theme of the 2017 World Suicide Prevention Day. It is to take time to notice what's going on with your family, friends, colleagues, and yourself. It is about taking time to have those conversations when you notice something has changed and equipping yourself to help yourself and others. A caring, compassionate person at a difficult time can help turn things around. The small acts can be life changing. If you are concerned about someone, reach out and ask them if they want to talk. Take a minute to make a difference. It is okay to talk about suicide as it does not provoke the act of suicide; however can reduce anxiety and helps people feel understood.

According to WHO, worldwide about 800000 people die due to suicide (one death every 40 seconds) and for every suicide there are many more people who attempt suicide every year. Suicide is the second major cause of death among young people 15-29 years of age. The most common methods of suicide are ingestion of pesticide, hanging and firearms globally.

On account of World Suicide Prevention Day 2017, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Organized Awarenesscampaignsin school, colleges and Communities in and around Udupi district in the month of September. Dr. P. V. Bhandary. Psychiatrist, Mr. Nagaraj Murth, Psychologist, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Administrative officer, Mr. Girish M., Ms. Soumya, Ms. Sumitra were given awareness about suicide prevention.

World Alzheimer’s Day 2017
“Remember Me”

World Alzheimer's Month is the international campaign every September to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. 2 out of every 3 people globally believe there is little or no understanding of dementia in their countries. On account of the 6th Global World Alzheimer's Month Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, In association with Senior Citizens Association Udupi, and Cipla Impulse organized awareness program on 21st September with the theme of 'Remember me' to highlight the importance of early detection and diagnosis of dementia.

Dr. P. V. Bhandary Psychiatrist delivered session on signs and symptoms ofdementia. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Consultant Psychiatrist presented on other common Psychological Problems of elderly and Management.

Sri. C.S. Rao, President, Senior citizens association Udupi Inaugurated the programme H. Vishwanath Hegde, office-bearer, Senior citizens association Udupi, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Administrative Officer were present on the occasion. Members of Senior Citizen Association Udupi. MSW students from different college attended and benefitted by the programme.

Monthly get together of COA

16th Monthly get together of COA was held on 9/9/2017. On this meeting, Trainingon theaterand flog songs was conducted by Artist Mr. Krishnappa Bambila. Children actively participate in singing and dancing got benefitted by the program.

Children of Alcoholics Monthly Meeting

Out of many challenges that Adolescentsface, lack of adult availability and inability to maintain leisure time effectively becomes very important. If they are not taught to manage leisure time, there is possibility that they get into bad habits out of curiosity, peer pressure, self-medication, or to overcome boredom. Art can taught to substitute all these. Art improves their self-esteem, handwriting, expression and thus marks and career. Art workshop by Sri. Subraya Shastry was organized at Dr. A. V. Baliga Hospital on 22nd July 2017 on account of 15th monthly meeting of children's of alcoholics group.

Doctors Day

On account of Doctors Day, Dr. P. V. Bhandary Psychiatrist and Director of Dr. A. V. BaligaGroup Of Institutions delivered a talk on management of depression. Doctors Day was organized by Mangalore management association and A. J. Hospital, Mangalore on 1st July 2017 .

The International Day against Drug Abuse
Illicit Trafficking

26th June 2017: The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2017 was observed at Dr. A. V. Baliga Hospital. The day was observed with the for the years "Listen First - Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe." It is an initiative to increase support for prevention of drug use that is based on science and is thus an effective investment in the well-being of children and youth, their families and their communities. Awareness program on ill effects of Drug abuse was delivered at First Grade College, Thenkanidiyoor. Udupi, MGM College Udupi and Milagris College Udupi. Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, Psychologist, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital was the resource person, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty Administrative Officer was present on the ocassion.

14th Meeting Of Children's Of Alcoholic Group

Children are angels sent from above. Whatever you speak about fall of human values, weakened relationships etc. Yet whenever you step towards helping a child in trouble, everyone joins their hands with you. Children's of alcoholics is one of such projects of A. V. Baliga Hospital where many likeminded people join their hands to do their bit to light up the sunken innocent faces.

On 14th Monthly Meeting of children's of Alcoholic Dr. Pujan M. Kamath Pedodentist, Identity Dental Care Udupi provided awareness on Dental Hygiene and conducted free dental checkup for children of Alteen Group.

World Environment Day - 2017
"Connecting People to Nature"

World Environment Day (WED) is a day aimed to increase local awareness and promote green issues. WED is the United Nations flagship Environmental event, celebrated every year on 5th June in more than 100 countries around the world. WED is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

World environmentday wasorganized at Dr. A. V. Baliga Group of Institutions. On account of the day saplings were planted at Dr. A. V. Baliga Campus Haradi, Brahmavara. The program was inaugurated by Smt. Jayalaxmi Shetty president, Haradi Grama Panchayath by planting a sapling. Around 100 saplings were planted in the campus by the staffs Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Administrative officer, Mr. Karunakar Shetty, Chief. Finance Officer, Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, Psychologist, Mrs. Hemalatha Mallya, Reception Head, Dr. Krishna, Medical Officer, Kamal Baliga Medical Centre and Mr. Peter arena, Senior Staff, Dr. A. V. Baliga Hospital.

In association with Nagarika Hitarakshana Vedike, GeleyaraBaliga Sasthana and Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital seed balls were distributed to staffs and residents of doddanagudde by Dr. Sulatha Bhandary, Ophthalmologist KMC, Manipal. Mr. Nityananda Olakadu president Nagarika Nitarakshana Vedike and Members of Geleyara Balaga, Sasthana and Staff of Dr. A. V. Baliga Hospital were present.

13th Meeting Of Children's Of Alcoholic Group

Monthly Meeting of children of alcoholics at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi was held on 27-5-2017. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane educated the children about Alcoholism, Disease model, Their role in parents treatment, the common profile of children of Alcoholics, how to help oneself from Emotionally getting affected.

'World No Tobacco Day – 31st May 2017'
Theme - "Tobacco – a threat to development"

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. The day is further intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently lead to nearly 6 million deaths each year worldwide, including 600,000 of which is the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Tobacco products are products made entirely or partly of leaf tobacco as raw material, which are intended to be smoked, sucked, chewed or snuffed. All contain the highly addictive psychoactive ingredient, nicotine. Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, lung diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

On world no tobacco day awareness programs on ill effects of tobacco wereorganized @

Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial community counseling and child guidance center karkala. Dr. Virupakasha Devaramane, Address a group of beneficiaries of karkala community clinic about the ill effects of tobacco and treatment.

Dr. P. V. Bhandary Director, Dr. A.V. Baliga Group of institutions addressed the students and staffs of S.D.M Ayureveda, Udupi and the inpatient and caregivers at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital.

Mr. NagarajMurthy, Psychologist addressed the students of government ITI College, Udupi on 3rd June 2017

Mr. Girish, Counselor addressedthe studentof Christian high school, Uudpi.

'World Schizophrenia day 2017'

People living with schizophrenia encounter numerous challenges, including, decline in functioning which reduces their quality of life as well as their ability to live the life they aspire to. Due to reduced functioning, simple daily activities such catching a bus, seeing friends, living independently can become an enormous challenge that not only affects the person living with schizophrenia, but also their caregivers emotionally and financially.

On 24th May 2017, awareness programmes onSchizophrenia was organized for the care givers at Dr. A. V. Baliga Hospital Udupi & Dr. A. V. Baliga Satellite Clinic & Community Counseling center Karkala.

At Dr. AV. Baliga memorial hospital awareness program was organized for caregivers of schizophrenia, they were educated about Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia and caregivers role in management of schizophrenia. Hospital administrative officer Mrs. Soujanya Shetty was present during the occasion, Dr. Deepak Mallya, Mr. Girish, Mr. Lohith, Mrs. Sangeetha spoke about Schizophrenia and role of family members in the management.

In karkalla centerMr Prasad Shenoy journalist and Sr.Precilla were the chief guests. Lecture on signs and symptoms and presentation of schizophrenia, misconceptions, stigma, caregiver role, treatment options, and rehabilitation were discussed.

Radio Talk on schizophrenia was deliveredat Radio Manipal, community radio 90.4Hz by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane

'Sri Sheshagiri Mallya Memorial Satellite Clinic'

Dreams are meant to be made in to reality, either your own or implanted. Such a dream was implanted in our psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Mallya by his Grandfather Late Sri Sheshagiri Mallya to serve the people of native community. Under the aegis of Dr. A.V Baliga Memorial Hospital, where he has been working as a psychiatrist from 4 years we are able to bring psychiatry to door steps of people of Perdoor and around that would function every month once on First Saturday under the name of 'Sri Sheshagiri Mallya Memorial Satellite Clinic'.

Opening ceremony was conducted on 4th March 2017, inaugurated by Ms. Meenakshi V Bhandary, Dr. P V Bhandary our Hospital Medical Director, Mr. Satyendra Mallya eldest son of Sheshagiri Mallya, accompanied by close family and friends. Satellite clinics saves time, money and also reduces the burden to people coming from far of places to the city for help which is our main motive. It's the vision of our Hospital and our director Dr. P. V. Bhandary, with his dynamic team that has lead to many community oriented programs and Perdoor clinic is the 7th satellite clinic of our Hospital.

Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital
Autism Clinic's Quiz Competition as part of Autism Awareness Month

On 27th April 2017, Quiz competition on AUTISM was organized for nursing students at Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Kamal A. Memorial Hall with an aim of creating awareness on Autism. Mr. B.S. Mahesh, Clinical Psychologist delivered an introductory speech on Autism highlighting the importance of early intervention, Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment considering the alarming rate at which the prevalence is stated in India.

In total there were 16 students from 8 nursing colleges in and around Udupi District who participated in the competition. Two students made a team and representing their college. A preliminary written test was conducted for the 8 teams and the top 4 teams who qualified were selected for the final quiz. There were 5 rounds in the final quiz and the rounds were as follows: The rapport building round where a wide range of questions related to general knowledge and psychology were presented, then the second round was the 'Director's cut' i.e., a video round involving questions related to autism spectrum disorder, then the next round was 'Unscrammble the scrambled', where the teams had to find out jumbled words correctly all of them relating to autism. Then, there was 'Identifying the emotions' round and the 'Rapid fire' round at the end. The quiz masters, Mr. B. S. Mahesh, Clinical Psychologist and Ms. Nelisha Meryl Jathanna, Speech Therapist conducted the quiz by taking turns.

Ms. Soujanya Shetty, Administrative Officerwas present on the occasion. Dr. Deepak Mallya, Psychiatrist and Ms. Soujanya Shetty distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners of the quiz competition. The first place was bagged by St. Ann's College of Nursing represented by Ms. Hanna Pais and Mrs. Sabitha.J.D' Costa. The second place was bagged by students from Vidhyarathna College of Nursing represented by Ms. Ritty.K. Saigo and Ms.Neetha S.Poojary and the third place was won by R.N.S.College of Nursing represented by Ms. Anjali Joy and Ms. HarithaVikraman. Udupi College of Nursing was the runner-up team which was represented by Ms. Aishwarya Dinesh and Ms. Vijalalaxmi.

113th Birth anniversary of Dr. A.V. Baliga

113th Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.V. Baliga was celebrated on 26th April 2017 at Noothana Ravindra Kalamantapa MGM college udupi. On this occasion "HAPPINESS OF GIVING" an Upansaya on Mankutimmana Kagga was presented by Vidwan G.S Natesh.

During this occasion DVG Balaga Udupi was inaugurated by Sr.Kanakaraju, faculty Corporation Bank Training centre Mangalore. "Your choice" a short movie on children's of alcoholics directed by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane and Sri. Santosh Acharya was released.

Dr. P.V. Bhandary, Director Dr. A.V. Baliga Group of Institutions, udupi presided over the function. Dr. H. Shantaram, President academy of general education Manipal & Honorary president Ranga bhoomi, Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Psychiatrist Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, were present on the stage. Mr. Avinash Kamath, compared the programme, Mrs. Soujanya shetty, Administrative officer welcomed the dignitaries and Mrs.Vidya Nagaraj Murthy thank the dignitaries and spectators.

On the same day Swachh Bharat Abhiaan was conducted at the Baliga hospital campus. All the staff of the hospital participated in the event.

World Health Day 2017
(Theme: Depression Let's Talk)

On 7th April 2017 to mark the World Health Day, a half day workshop was organized at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital for Students of Nursing in and around Udupi. The theme of the year Depression- Let's Talk. Mr. Peter Rafel Retired Headmaster and Senior Staff of the Hospital was the inaugurator ofthe function. In his inaugural address he said "Depression is one among health problems which is commonly seen. A person with depression feels hopeless; loses interest in daily life activitiesand some time even thinks of ending his life. Seeking mental health professional help is a must for the person whois depressed."

Dr. P. V. Bhandary president of the functionin his presidential address said "Depression in one common disease like Hypertension. Depression is curable by holistic approach of treatment including medication, counseling and psychotherapy".

Dr. Virupaksha Devarumane, consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi, resource person of the day explained about the myths and misconception about depression. Another resource person Mr. Jeevan Lewis senior counselor, Dr. A .V. Baliga Hospital, Udupi, explained common signs and symptoms, Types of depression.

Mrs. Edna Rodrigress, Nursing superintendent welcomed the gathering. Ms. Soumya presented the vote of thanks, Ms. Jyothi and Ms. Monika compared the programme. Nursing students fromvarious colleges from inand around udupi participated in the programme. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty AO, Dr. Deepak Mallya, Consultant Psychiatrist were present on this occasion.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day was celebrated on 18th March 2017 at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi. Mrs. Muktha shenoi wasthe chief guest of the function. Addressing the audience she highlighted onProtection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act2012. Mrs. Meenakshi V Bhandary presided over the function. Mrs. Hemalatha Mallya, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Mrs. Edna Rodrigues were present on the occasion . Various competition were conducted for the members of Kamal Baliga Women's club and the winners were awarded. Mrs Muktha Shenoi, Assistant sub Inspector Mahila Police Station, Udupi, Mrs. Mamatha and Mrs. Malini. Anganwadi workers, Doddanaguddewere recognized and honored on this occasion. Members of Kamal Baliga Memorial Women's club participated in the program.

Options for Recovery and Rehabilitation in Psychiatry

Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital organized a half-a-day talk on Rahabilitation Psychiatry at Kamal Baliga Hall, Dr. A.V. Baliga Hospital, Udupi on 17-03-2017. Mr. B. S. Mahesh, Clinical Psychologist, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane introduced Dr. Praveen, who is a practicing psychiatrist at Australia who helped us in arranging this talk, following which Dr. Peter Norrie, the guest speaker was introduced by Dr. Praveen. MSW student, Ms. Manjula G., from Govt. College Thenkanidiyur delivered the vote of thanks.
Dr. Deepak Mallya, Psychiatrist and Ms. SoujanyaShetty, the administrative officer and the other staffs of our hospital were also present on this occasion. More than 90 students from different colleges around Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district participated in the event.
Dr. Praveen gave a prelude to the topic being covered by Dr. Peter Norrie and then Dr. Peter Norrie took over.
The take home message crisply conveyed by Dr. Praveen in his prelude needs a special mention here: "Educate the patient and their family members, encourage medication adherence, start rehab early, focus on patient's strengths, involve the family and significant others, prioritize and work on the most distressing needs of the patient, provide individually tailored care, engage the patient in activities and identify and manage expressed emotions."
In the talk that the guest speaker spoke about, he began by presenting case examples from his practice to help us understand the practicality of support provided in recovery or rehabilitation. Then, he gave us all the history of mental health, which is from the time of de-institutionalization till the concept of recovery. From there, he elaborated on what comprises recovery and the principles that guide mental health practice in providing recovery services. He emphasized on how uniqueness of the individual, the real choices that one could make in delivering support during recovery, attitudes and rights, dignity and respect, and partnership and communication as part of the principles of recovery in mental health practice. He gave us a glimpse of the legal system encompassing the Australian Capital Territory for recovery services.

A Campaign from 12th - 18th February 2017

A child of Alcoholics (COA) Week is a campaign led by The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) to raise awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems. It is celebrated internationally every year. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the problems faced by children of alcohol-dependent parents and it's about letting them know that there is support for them. Children's of Alcoholic week was organized by Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital from February 12th to 18th with the theme "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". Various activities were organized on account of COA week.

The event began with -
  • Sand artby Mr. Harish Saga at Malpe Beach,Udupi,spreading awareness about children of alcoholics.
  • Inauguration of COA awareness week by Mrs. Anupama Shenoy .
  • Radio talks on facts about COA, problems faced, need for awareness to prevent them from the unhealthy environment affecting their overall personality development at Manipal community radio and Akashvani Mangalore by Dr. Vipuraksha Devaramane.
  • Awareness talk on COA, Effects of alcohol on children and family, the challenges that children of alcoholics face in their life, for nursing staffs & counselors at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, by Mr. B. S. Mahesh, Clinical Psychologist.
  • TV talks and Discussions at Prime TV, U Channel, Udupi by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty.
  • Awarenessprogram for students at Government first grade college Thirthahalli & Nittur High school, Udupi, by Dr. Virupaksha Deveramane
  • AwarenessProgram by Dr. P. V. Bhandary for the members of Rotary club organized by Rotary Club Udupi.
  • Awareness talk by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial community counseling & child guidance centre Karkala organized in association with Rotary club Karkala.

24th Alcohol De-Addiction Camp

24th Alcohol De-addiction Camp was inaugurated at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Doddanagudde on Sunday, January 1, 2017.
Dr. NageshPai, Professor in Psychiatry, University of Wollongong, Australia inaugurated the ten day Alcohol De-addiction camp by lighting the lamp. During his inaugural address, Dr. NageshPai said, "The social repercussions of alcohol are far reaching and often tragic. It is the disaster of the society in many ways. One person will die in every one and half hour in India due to alcohol consuming. Excessive alcohol use is associated with hypertension and subsequent target organ damage such as strokes, myocardial events and chronic kidney disease."
Dr. P. V. Bhandary Director of Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital presided over the inaugural camp. Dr. V. Rajendra Prasad D. G. M. Zonal Branch, Corporation Bank Udupi was the chief guest. Dr.Deepak Mallya and Dr. K. S. Latha were present on the dais.
The program began with invocation by Dr. Vijayalaxmi, Ms.Sowmya and Ms.Jyothi. Dr. VirupakshaDevaramane Convener of the alcohol de-addiction camp gave introductory address. Mr.Gopal, Mr.Santhosh and Mr. Chandrahasa, who were abstinent since more than 5 years were felicitated during the program.

Celebration of Christmas Day and Talk on Human Values

The 10th Monthly Meeting of COA group was held on 24/12/2017 at Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Kamala Baliga Hall. Dr Shubageetha popular Gynecologist and Obstetrician of the city and Animal activist inaugurated the program. In her inaugural address she conveyed how developing good hobbies and involving in sports and games prevents them from getting into bad habits. She insisted children to stay away from the word boredom, which takes towards substance use. Mr. Franklin Jayaraj spoke on importance of Christmas celebrations and told stories of values to children. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty and all the counselors staff and members of lateen group were present on the occasion.

8th Monthly Meet of Children of Alcoholics

8th Monthly Meet of Children of Alcoholics of Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi, was held on 22/10/16 at Corporation Bank heritage Museum, Udupi. The program was inauguratedby Mr. Rajendraprasad, AGM, Corporation Bankand Dr. venkataraya Bhandary, Director, Dr. A. V. Baliga Group of Institutions. Mr. Rajendra Prasad in his inaugural address stressed on importance of developing good hobbies to manage leisure time effectively. Museum curator Mr. Krishnayya spoke on Philately and Numismatics, He took children to museum and explained whole history of how currency, finance system evolved over centuries. All the members of COA groups participated on benefitted by the programme. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, A.O., Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital and The team of counselors coordinated and participated in the programme .

7th monthly meeting of COA

7th Monthly Meeting of COA was held on 2nd October 2016 on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthiathi Nittur high school, Udupi. Dr. P.V. Bhandary, Medical Director and Psychiatrist, Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital was the Inaugurator of the program. Dr. Nandakishore, Department of Geopolitics and Gandhian philosophy at Manipal university was the chief Guest, Sri. Murali, Headmaster, Nittur High School, preside over the function. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Consultant Psychiatrist was present on the occasion . Inaugurating the program, Dr. P. V. Bhandary addressed the gathering on alcohol and youth. He saidcuriosity,experimentation, peerpressure, self-medication hypothesis attracts the youth to alcohol. They can't say no to friends, start casually end up being addicts.

Chief Guest Dr. Nandakishore, Department of Geopolitics and Gandhian philosophy at Manipal University spoke on Life of Gandhi. He remembered the life of Gandhi: -"A very ordinary student in school became an extraordinary soul. Gandhi was a statesman, apolitician, adoctor, a sociologist more than that a great strategist. Mother Puthalibai was the main focus in Gandhi's life. she was a major influence on him and his life. Her letter influenced him to remain a vegetarian. Gandhi understood the poverty of India. He became thoughtful after a lady refused to come out from her house to talk to him as she didn't have a decent dress. He hence thought of strategy to inculcate honour, financial support and then stimulate the poor to fight for independence."

During this occasion Children of nittur school enacted a play on Ill effects of alcohol. All children who participated in the play were given books on topics like goal setting, Time management, environement protection. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Consultant Psychiatrist and Counselors Dr. A.V. Baliga Hospital, Udupi all the staff of Nittur High school were present on the occasion. Members of COA group and students of nittur school participated in the program and were benefitted.

6th Monthly Meeting of Children Of Alcoholics (COA's)

6th Monthly meeting of COA was held on 24/9/16 at Kamal Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi. Mrs Shilpa Joshi, The day's resource person with interesting way presented stories to children. Children took part actively they themselves came up with stories. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Mrs. SoujanyaShetty, Smt. Sheela Janardhan were present on the occasion.

World Diabetes Day

On account of World Diabetes Day A free sugar detection camp and an awareness talk on "Diabetes"was organized on 14th November 2016 at Kamal Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital in collaboratewith Udupi citizens health forum and senior citizen forum. Dr. R. V. Baliga, trustee, A. V. Baliga charities presided over the function. Dr. Shashikiran Umakanth physician and head, department of medicine at Dr. T. M. A. Pai Hospital, Udupi, spoke on Diabetes. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Consultant Psychiatrist and Mrs. Soujanya Shetty were present on this occasion.

Children's Day Celebration

The department of Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) of Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital organized the Annual Children's Day programme as part of Children's Day celebration at Kamal Baliga Hall, Dr. A.V. Baliga Hospital, Udupi on the 17th of November, 2016. The chief guest of the occasion, Dr. Vanitha Torvi, Member of Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. Dr. Vanitha Torvi, gave the inaugural address, where she underlined how nurturing a child is important by keeping in mind the child's interests and at the same time inculcating discipline, dedication and devotion while moulding them during their developmental period. She also added that protection of child rights is of utmost importance by quoting a few practical and real life incidents that she encountered thus far in her service.Mrs.Meenakshi V. Bhandary narrated some of her life experiences in shaping her son. She endorsed several points spoken by Dr. Vanitha Torvi and expressed her happiness for having shared such thoughts amidst parents on this occasion. Dr. Venugopal, expressed his heart-felt wishes for the success of the program. This was followed by honouring ceremony of the municipal sweepers by the chief guests. The stage function continued with the distribution of 'Best Parent' award for those parents who were consistent in helping their child improve his/her academic as well as behavioural skills by incorporating appropriate methods taught at our child guidance clinic of our hospital. Similarly, 'Best Student' award was given away to those students who have really put their efforts in improving their deficits by being regular to CGC. Following this, cultural program and games competitions was held. Mr. B. S. Mahesh, Clinical Psychologist of our hospital and a magician enthralled the audience with his mind boggling and interactive magic show. Craft activities marked the end of the programme where children could lay their hands on colour papers and other articles to bring out decorative art pieces. Dr. K. S. Latha, Psycho-social Consultant and Mrs.SoujanyaShetty, Administrative Officer were also present on the dais. Dr.VirupakshaDevaramane, Psychiatrist, welcomed the gathering, Ms.Soumya, Counsellor presented the report on activities of CGC. Ms. Nelisha J., Speech therapist, proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was compared by Ms. Vijetha, Special Educator. More than 110 children and their parents who avail our services at the CGC department participated in the program. Adding to this, a few children from the group of 'CoA' (Children of Alcoholics) were also invited and a part of the program.

World Mental Health Day - 2016

Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital in association withn District Legal services Authority District Hospital Udupi and BAR Associations Udupi organized World Mental Health Day with the theme "Dignity in Mental Health;- Psychological and Mental health First Aid for all" at Kamal Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital on 10th October 2016.

Dr. Vasudev S, Consultant Psychiatrist, Government District Hospital Udupi in his introductory speech said "Psychological First Aid is an evidence-informed approach for assisting Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families in the aftermath of disaster and terrorism." Police, Teachers, Community Organization and Every common people should aware of providing First Aid for people in need of Distress. Smt Latha, Honble District Civil Judge Inaugurated the program and addressed the gathering. She spoke on the Mental Health Act and How it helps the people with mentally ill. She also said that mental ill persons have equal freedom to enjoy the human rights. Law doesn't discriminate mentally ill person. The mentally people should be seen with dignity. The chief guest of the programmsmt. Vennasrinivas, Kavi Mural Artist in her speech said that 'art is the creative way to stimulate the brain. It is the creative expression which benefits brain and mental health. Dr. P. V. Bhandary, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist presided over the function . In his presidential address he said that "Every individual should be aware of mental illness and mentally ill person should be given proper medical treatment. On this occasion homage is given to late Dr. Ashok Pai. The formal function was followed by the scientific session on major and minor mental health disorder , post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological first aid. Painting exhibitionsof recovered patients of the hospital was organized.

Students pursing BA in Psychology from and Bsc Nursing from in and around udupi participated in the program. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty welcomed the gathering, Mr. Nagaraj Murthy extended the vote of thanks and Mrs. VidyaNagaraj & Mr. Lohith compare the programme

Report on World Alzheimer's Day Celebration

Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital in joint connection with Udupi Senior Citizen's Association organized a half-a-day awareness programme at Kamal Baliga Hall, Dr. A.V. Baliga Hospital, Udupi on 22-09-2016. The chief guest of the function, Shri. A. P. Kodancha inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. In his inaugural address he emphasised that "Elderly people should engage themselves in activities that stimulate both mind and body than being passive throughout the day." He also highlighted the characteristics of memory problems especially seen in dementia due to Alzheimer's disease and gave a few examples and insights about of how family members suffer alongside the person in this process of managing dementia. P. Vishwanath, the chief guest of the function addressed the gathering by stressing the importance of organizing such awareness programmes in our district and spoke about Dr. A. V. Baliga's contribution to serve the society on this occasion., Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane presided over the function and in his presidential address he provided us with snap shots of early warning signs in dementia, how certain techniques like keeping reminders, photo albums, stickers, organizers and other such memory aids can help the person ease their problems & emphasised on relaxation and mind soothing techniques including listening to music, meditation for reducing the burden of care-givers or family members. He also mentioned how the elderly, once afflicted with this disorder tend to be more comfortable to listen to their peers than their younger members in the family while helping them to manage their problems. Hence, this programme targeted the elderly, who would be benefitted in order to educate as well as help, when they come across, those afflicted with dementia in their respective communities.Dr. Deepak Mallya, Psychiatrist and Dr. K. S. Latha, Psycho-social consultant was also present on the dais. Formal function followed by Scientific session .The first session by Dr. Deepak Mallya, delved deep into the meaning of dementia, differences between memory problems arising commonly in old-age and those due to dementia of Alzheimer's type, epidemiology, characteristics, various causes (including reversible and non-reversible), available treatment/management plans. The audience actively participated by asking questions at the end to clarify their doubts. The second session by Dr. K. S. Latha, explored on how the family members can identify the signs of dementia and gave a detailed account of various behavioural and emotional symptoms that a person with dementia can manifest, and the plausible reasons behind such manifestations. She then, elaborated on managing such emotional and behavioural problems through appropriate means and finally addressed possible methods that a family member could adopt to ease their burden while treating a person with dementia. More than 50 elderly people from Udupi Senior Citizen's Association, Ashraya Home for Senior Citizens, a unit of Dr. A. V. Baliga Group of Institutions, in-patients ward and a few of their family members of our in-patients participated in the event. Mr.B.S.Mahesh welcomed the gathering, Ms.Megha V, Counsellor compared the program Ms. Sangeetha M, Counsellor extended the vote of thanks.

Challenges Of Home Maker Yesterday And Today

A session on "Challenges of Home maker yesterday and Today" was organized for the Members of Kamal Baliga Memorial Women's Club on 3rd September 2016 at Kamal Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr.A.V.Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi. "Mrs. Eugine Quadrees, an Active catholic community member was the guest speaker. In her session she said that" in olden days women had poor status and suffered from discrimination and exploitations in the male dominated society. At present women are educated and take equal parents in every sector like men. Home maker have greater responsibility at family and society, they are responsible for teaching a child the ethics, moral values & culture, she is the first teacher of a child ".
She also added that "women should be independent, participate in community meeting, Self help group and local governance meeting and increase her knowledge, she should raise her voice when there is exploitation".
Quiz competition was conducted and winners were given away prizes. Mrs. Soujanya shetty, Mrs Hemalatha Mallya were present on the occasion. All the members of Kamal Baliga Women's club attended and benefitted by the programe.

Gili Gili Magic

5th monthly meeting of children's of Alcoholics was held on 20th August 2016 at Kamal. A. Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr. A.V.Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi. Prof Shankar of Gili Gili magic, presented the aspects of problems due to Alcohol and Drugs through magic show. Dr. Venkataraya Bhandary, expressed his appreciations for the program and motivated children to stay away from, Smoking and Drinking. There was exhibition of Paintings by Master Shreesha. All children took oath of not using drugs in their adulthood. Mrs Roopa Ballal, Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty were present on the occasion .

Workshop on Photography

4th monthly meeting of children's of Alcoholics held on 23rd July 2016 at Kamal. A. Baliga Memorial Hall, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi. A workshop on photography was conducted by Mr. Ajith Karkera. He explained the basic skills of photography.
Dr. Vijayalaxmi Yoga and Naturopathy consultant, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi, conducted Yoga session for the children to improve attention & concentration. Ms. Sowmya delivered session on ill effects of Tobacco. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Prof. Mohan Kumar TAPM, Manipal, Mr. Santosh Acharya , Mr.Gurucharan Bhat, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty were present on the occasion.

26th June 2016 - International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

In view of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with the theme "Listen First" a week awareness campaign on "Drug abuse" for the High school students of various Government school in and around Udupi was organized by Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital from 25th to 30th June 2016. A team of resources person visited various government highschool screated awareness in adolescents about Drug abuse and its ill effects..

  • List of Schools and speakers
  • P.P.C. P.U. College - Dr. Dhathri Datha
  • M.G.M P.U. College & Thenkanadiyoor Government High school- Mrs. Soujanya K. Shetty
  • Government High School Ajjarakadu – Mr. B. S. Mahesh
  • Government HighSchool Hanumanth Nagar Nithoor - Mrs. Vidyashree
  • Sharada High School Cherkadi - Mrs. Ashwini
  • Governemt High School, Gurmi – Ms. Sowmya
  • Government High School, Upoor– Mr. Jeevan Lewis
  • Government high school, Belluru - Mr. Girish
  • Government HighSchool, Vadderse – Mr. Girish
  • Government High School, Udyavara – Ms. sumithra

Half day workshop

A half day workshop on animation was organized for the "Alteen" children of alcoholics at, Kamal Baliga Hall, Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital Udupi on 25th June 2016. The workshop began with an award winning short movie "Ambani" which speaks about the life of children's of alcoholics. Followed by formal function, Dr. Venkatraya Bhandary Presided overthe function. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane Psychiatrist in his introductory speech Presented a brief report on previous workshops held for Alteens and introduced the days resource person Mr. Santhosh After the formal function Mr. Santosh conducted animation workshop and Ms. Sowmya provided awareness talk on ill effects of Drug abuse. Dr. Namratha Charles, consultant psychiatrist, Mrs. Soujanya Shetty administrative officer were present on the occasion.

Marital counseling a Half Day Workshop

As a part of continuity education programme for the consellors A half day workshop on marital counseling was held at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital on 23rd June 2016. Sri. Gangadhar Bellare, Marital Counselor, explained about the issues of marital discord and the techniques of marital counseling.

Menopause physical and psychological Health

An awareness talk on "Menopause physical and psychological Health" wasorganized at Kamal BaligaHall, Dr. A. V. Baliga. Hospital on 18/6/2016. Dr. Rajalaxmi, Gynecologist was the resource person. In her session she focused on the four stages of women life, Teenage, Pregnancy, Menopause, old age. Dr. Rajalaxmi highlighted on the menopause stages, the Physical and Psychological problems faced during menopause. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty, Mrs. Hemalatha Mallya were present on the occasion. All the members of Kamal A Baliga Memorial women's club and staff were befitted by the programme.

World No Tobacco Day 2016

On account of "World No Tobacco Day" an awareness programme, about "Ill Effects of Tobacco Abuse" for the municipal sweepers of Udupi city was jointly organised by Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi, & Municipal Corporation, Udupi District, Udupion 31-05-2016. Early forms of Tobacco were limited to chewing tobacco leaves or smoking tobacco. Today, several products made of, or containing tobacco, are available in the market. More than 4,000 different chemicals have been found in tobacco, more than 60 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer and other health hazards. Nicotine is a chemical found in tobacco Which is highly addictive. Over time, a person becomes physically and emotionally addicted or dependent nicotine. Almost 30 present of the Indian population older than age 15 uses some form of tobacco. Passive smoking will also lead to health problems has told by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane in his presidential address. He added Municipal sweepers are backbone of our nation who keep our nation neat and clean should first be free from any kind of addiction and keep themselves clean. Ms. Meenakshi Madhava Bannanje, President of Udupi City Municipal Council in her inaugural address said Municipal workers the core part of the society should be away from Tobacco addiction. Tobacco free life leads healthy and happy family. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty Administrative officer, gave the introductory speech. Shri. Manjunathiah, Commissioner of Udupi City Municipal Council was the chief guest. Dr. Deepak Mallya psychiatrist was present on the occasion. Formal function followed by Scientific session by Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, Psychologist & In charge Principal Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, delivered talk on Ill effects of tobacco to the municipal workers. Free medical examination was also provided. Mr. Mahesh Clinical Psychologist welcomed the gathering, Mr. Jeevan Lewis gave the vote of thanks. Ms. Sownya and Ms. Sumithra compared the programme.

World Schizophrenia Day

On 27th May 2016 world Schizophrenia Day was organized at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Kamal Baliga Memorial Hall with an aim of creating awareness in the society about the disease. Dr. Namratha Charls, Psychiatrist Inaugurated the Schizophrenia day during her inaugural address she told, Schizophrenia is one of the chronic mental illness caused by chemical changes in the braincalled Dopamine. A person with Schizophrenia find difficult to distinguish between reality and unreality, difficulty to think clearly, manage emotions, relate to others and function normally.Though there are various treatments like medication, Behavior Therapies50% of the population remain untreated .There are many myths and misconception aboutthe disease inthe community. Proper medication and family care will help to patient to recover and lead normal life. Dr.VirupakshaDevaramane presided over the function , in his presidential address he said "compare to other country The recovery of patients is more In India because of the family involvement and support". Many a times people go to god men and religious institutionand whenthe disease worsen come to the doctors.Early identification and treatment help for the better recovery of the patients. During this occasion caretakerof Schizophrenic patients werehonoured for their healthy family support in the treatment process. Soon after the formal function, Dr. DeepakMallya, spoke on signs and symptoms of schizophrenia and Mr. Mahesh B.S. spoke on The role of Family members. Mrs. SoujanyaShetty, Administrative Officer was present on the occasion. Ms. Jyothi Welcomed the gathering and Ms. Sangeetha gave the vote of thanks. Mr. Lohith compared the program. Family of schizophrenic patients and nursing students were benefitted by the program.

Healthy Diet and Sleep Hygiene

Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi, Kamal A. Baliga Rural Medical Center, Brahmavar, Kamal A Baliga Memorial Women's club organised jointly organised a talk on "Healthy Diet and Sleep Hygiene" at "Ashraya Senior Citizen Home", Haradi Brahmavar. Talk was delivered by Dr. Vijayalaxmi, Yoga and Naturopathy Consultant. Dr. Vjayalaxmiin her session said that" In old age people suffer from common diseases like hypertension, dementia and bone diseases, sleep disturbances and there is a need to care about health. Person with diabetes should follow proper diet food. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and balanced diet is an added advantaged. Adequate sleep is also required at the old age. All the inmatesof Ashraya Senior Citizen Home attended and benefitted from the programme. Dr. Krishna Medical Officer, Mr. Karunakar Setty, Accounts Officer were present on the occasion.

Half Day Workshop for Children's of Alcoholics

21st May 2016 A half day workshop for children of alcoholic was organized with an objective of educating children of alcoholic, helping for capacity building and dealing with their emotional issues. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane provided the Psycho education on the emotionalissue faced by the children of Alcoholics. Sri. P.N. Acharya a well-known artist, took practical session on basic art for the children. Mrs.SoujanyaShetty, Administrative Officer, welcomed the gathering, Dr. Virupaksha Devaramne delivered the introductory speech and Dr. NamrathaCharls Delivered the vote of thanks, Dr. Deepak Mallya was present on the occasion.


On the occasion of late Dr AV Baliga's 112th Birthday celebration, an Inauguration of Al-teen, a group for children of alcoholics was held on 26th April 2016 at Kamala A Baliga memorial hall ofour hospital. The vision of the programme was to address children of alcoholics and thereby to develop their personality and to enhance their personal interests. Dr Virupaksha Devaramane, Psychiatrist at his introductory address explained that these children could be facing low self-esteem, disappointments, guilt, shame, less opportunities to express themselves and may have poor coping skills.He stressed that, the aim is to educate these children about ill effects of alcohol by professionals and to assess them for internalising and externalising behavioural problems as they could be having more chances of suffering from these risks.This venture at our hospital is to encourage them and to provide opportunities for them to showcase their talents, he said. Chief guest K M Udupa, Director Bharateeya Vikasa Trust, Manipal spoke on the occasion and recollected his memories with late Dr A V Baliga and his service to mankind. He advised the gathering and stressed upon human values in this busy competitive world. He also assured of conducting special personality development camp for these children at BVT in his inaugural speech. Essay and poetry competitions were held as part of the programme for these children and prizes were distributed by guests on the dais.
Life events of late Dr A V Baliga was explained in brief by Dr P V Bhandary, medical director Dr A V Baliga group of institutions at his presidential address and he wished all the success for the programme.
Dr Deepak Mallya and Dr Namrata Charles, psychiatrists were present. Dr Sunil Kumar G welcomed the gathering and Dr SushendraT conveyed vote of thanks. The programme compared by Girish MN, Counsellor.
After the inaugural function of Al-teen,an award winning short-film 'Ambani' was displayed, which was based on suffering of the kid having alcoholic parent with lower socio-economic status.Through this movie an inspiring message was conveyed to audience (children of alcoholics) about "Creating an opportunity rather than feeling guilty for not getting an opportunity".
Resource persons Dr VirupakshaDevaramane and Dr Namrata Charles, psychiatrists and Mahesh B S, clinical psychologistconducted scientificsessions , Sowmya, counsellor conducted crafts activities.


2nd April 2016 World Autism Day was organized by Dr. A. VBaliga Memorial Hospital at Kamal Baliga Hall Dr. AnjuShuklaAssistat Professor, Department of Medical Genetics KMC Manipal, Inaugurating the program said "Autism is not a disease It's a condition that affects social interaction, communication, behavior and interests. Early intervention and the right support can make a huge difference to the lives of people with Autism." Dr. P. V. Bhandary presided over the function. Dr. Namrata Charles, Dr.Virupaksha were present on the occasion. Formal function followed by scientific session on for students and parents on Autism Overview and Parent's Perspective by Dr. Namratha, Psychological Aspect of Autism by Mr. Nagaraj Murthy, OT in Autism and Therapy Tips by Richa Singh, Therapy Tips and Speech Issues in Autism by Ms. Nelisha, challenges in parenting by Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane.

Breast Cancer Awareness Program

28th March 2016 an Awareness program on Breast cancer was organized at Dr. A. V Baliga Memorial Hospital. Dr. VijayalaxmiDeshmane, Professor in Surgical Oncology and Chief of Division of Breast Surgery, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, and Bengaluru was the resource person. Dr,Vijayalaxmi said that breast cancer is now treatable and curable unlike in the past. Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in early stages was desirable so that cancer could be cured and the breast could be saved.she also explained about the Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer and self-examination steps of Breast Cancer. Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Dr. Deepak Mallya, were present on the occasion.Mrs. Soujanya Shetty welcomed the gathering and Mrs. VidyaNagaraj Murthy compared the program.

World Down's Syndrome Day

March 21st 2016 "World Downs Syndrome Day" Program was organized by the Asha Nilaya School for Special Education, Nagarika Arogya Vedike, Dr. A.V. Baliga Memorial Hospital and Giants International at AshaNilaya School. Girisha K.M., Head of the Department of Medical Genetics, Kasturba Medical College, Inaugurated the program. In his inaugural address he said "Down's syndrome is a genetic condition, where instead of normal 46 chromosomes, the individual carries 47 chromosomes (Three copies of chromosome 21 instead of normal two copies, also called Trisomy 21). This is the most common cause of mental retardation. All children with Down Syndrome have mental retardation of varying degree. They may have some other abnormalities, such as heart disease.These individuals require special training and support. All children with Down's syndrome slowly learn to walk, talk and take care of themselves. But they require lifelong supervision and support. The overall incidence of Down's Syndrome was one in 1,000 children. This risk increases with the age of Mother and was around one in 350 at the age of 35. Proper training programmes should also be given to Teachers in such special schools in handling those suffering from Down's syndrome. The Government should start separate special schools for those suffering from Down's syndrome.

Dr. P. V. Bhandary, Psychiatrist, Dr. A V Baliga Hospital presided over the function Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane, Psychiatrist, welcomed the gathering. Stevan Sarvotham, Area Chairman, CSI Jubilee Church, Agnes Hemavathi, Headmistress of Asha Nilaya School for Special Education, Niranjan Bhat, District Officer for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ramesh Poojary, President of Giants International, were present.Formal function followed by scientific session, Dr.VirupakshaDevaramane spoke on problems of parenting with children with Downs syndrome and Dr.Girish spoke on need of public to understand risk of Downs Syndrome in elderly pregnant women,need of genetic counseling for parents.Free medical examination was conducted for the inmates of AshaNilaya and protein supplements were distributed for the children.

World Day Of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

Since 2009, Every Year March 4th is observed as World Day of fight against Sexual exploitation with an aim of creating awareness in the Society. Dr. A. V. Baliga Group of Institution, in collaboration with Dr. G.Shankar Government Women's First Grade College and Post-Graduate Centre, Ajjarakadu, Department of psychologyanti-drug and Anti-ragging committee organized an awareness program on "Sexual exploitation and Law" for the students of Dr. G. Shankar Government Women's First Grade Collegeon 17th March 2016 Sri.Premanand Kalmadi, social activist, was the resource person, Principal Prof Jagadish Rao B, presided over the function, Mrs. Soujanya Karunakar Shetty was the chief guest, Mrs. ShubhaAsst Prof , Dept. of Chemistry andMr. Gururaj, Lecturer Dept. of Psychology Dr. G. Shankar Government Women's First Grade College was present on the occasion.Mrs. VidyaNagaraj Murthy welcomed the gathering, Mrs. Shubha Asst Prof, Dept. of Chemistry, presented the vote of thanks, Ms. Akshatha Shetty Compared the program.


On 14th March 2016 a scientific session on "Role of Social workers In grief counseling" was delivered by Dr. GunasagariRao, Professor in Psychiatric Social work, Department of Psychiatry, KMC Manipal.


Kamal Baliga Memorial Women's Club and Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital jointly Organized Cooking without fire competition and a session on Healthy Food Habits for the members of Women's club on 22/2/2016 at Kamal Baliga Hall. Dr. Vijayalaxmi, Yoga and Naturopathy consultant delivered the talk on "Healthy food habits for Healthy Family". Cooking without fire competition was held, Mrs. Meenakshi V. Bhandary, Mrs. Hemalatha and Mrs. Edna were the judges for the competition. All the members of Women's Club, Staff participated in the program.

Rehabilitation in Psychiatry

Educational Programon "Rehabilitation in Psychiatry" by Dr. Rajesh Krishna Bhandary, Psychiatrist, KMC Manipalheld on 11th February 2016 at Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi.


In remembrance of Late. Prof. VaradarayaBhandary "Makkala Habba" (Children's Day) program was held at Dr.A.V.Baliga Hospital on 24 Jan 2016. Smt Meenakshi Varadaraya Bhandary was the Inaugurator of the program. Dr. J.S. Ashwathkumar a writer and veterinary surgeon, MunirabadhHospet and Master Archith were the Chief Guests. Dr. P.V. Bhandary presided over the function Dr. VirupakshaDeveramane was present on the occasion. Formal function followed by Demonstration of handling Snakes and first aid class on handling Snake bite, Crafts and various Games competition were conducted and prizes were distributed for the winners. Mrs. Soujanya Shetty Administrative Officer, welcomed the gathering, Ms. Prabhta, presented the report, Dr.Deepak Mallya delivered the the vote of thanks, Ms. Ashwini and Mrs. Vijetha compared the programme.

Workshop on REBT

A Two Day's work shop on Rational Emotive Behavior therapy by Fr.S.M.P.Staney.C.Ss.R, Counselor & Psychotherapist, Redemptorist Fathers,St.Anthony's Church, Chennai, held at Dr. A.V.Baliga Memorial Hospital on 11th & 12th January 2016.

Theater Day

23rd De-Addiction Camp Inauguration

Jan 1st 2016: Dr AV Baliga Memorial Hospital along with Navajeevanacounselling center Doddangudde, Indian Medical Association UdupiKaravali branch jointly organised a 10 day 's 23rd alcohol de-addiction camp in the hospital premises .

The programme began with an invocation, Lohith K welcomed the gathering. Dr. VaradeshHeregange Director of Gandhi and Peace Studies Center, Manipal inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp. While District Information and Broadcasting Officer, Mrs. Rohini K inaugurated 'Spoorthi', the new female de-addiction ward at the hospital.

Mrs. Rohini. Kin her speech said that alcohol addiction in women lead to destruction of families and also the society. "The alcohol addiction is at peak in our society. The alcohol addiction in women affects families and also society," she added.

Dr VaradeshHeregange in his message said that earnest efforts in eradicating alcohol addiction affecting the society should be made. Alcohol addiction was also affecting the youth. "According to a WHO report about 3.3 million deaths are reported due to alcohol addiction, in which 7.5% are men and 4% are women in the world. Such camps not only help the addicts free themselves from the bad habit of drinking, but also sends a message across to all the addicts in the vicinity," he added.

Seven members those who had abstained from alcohol for a minimum period of five years were felicitated on the occasion.

Director of Dr AV Baliga Groups, Dr PV Bhandary presided over the function. President of Indian Medical Association UdupiKaravali Branch, Dr GeethaPutran, Dr VeerupakashaDevarumane, Dr Deepak Mallyawere present. Mrs.VidyaNagarajmurthy presented the report. Mr.Jeevan Lewis Presented the vote of thanks .

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